WhatsApp is not working

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WhatsApp is not working, you can start it in the following ways.

  1.  First restart your mobile and then start WhatsApp.
  2. Press and hold the WhatsApp icon for a while, then go to Info, after going to Info, go to Storage Usage, then press the Clear Cache option. In addition you can do the following things. focus
  3. There should be enough storage in your mobile.
  4. App permission of WhatsApp must be on.
  5. Always keep your WhatsApp updated.
  6.  You must have an active Internet connection.
  7.   WhatsApp background data must be enabled.
  8. Confirm that you have a good WiFi or data network signal.

If you still can’t connect, contact your mobile provider and follow their instructions for setting up different access points to run chat apps. They will guide you through manually configuring your network and web settings.

WhatsApp Secret Tricks

All of you use WhatsApp, but you hardly know about the secret of WhatsApp.

If you know these tricks, then you will become the master of WhatsApp and will be able to fix any problem.

1. If you want to message someone in WhatsApp without saving the number, just follow this trick – First go to your browser and type this

http://wa.me/mobile number

Type the message to him and send it.

2. The next trick is very important; it is for those people who do business. Like everyone congratulates you in the festival and you also want to reply to those people, then you can reply to them together. For this you have to download Jake WhatsApp Reply Apps in Play Store. Then in that you have to set the number to which you want to reply. You can set the desired message by editing your message. In this app you have to give notification permission.

3. If you want to read someone’s message in WhatsApp and if you want that he does not know, then you can adopt these tricks. First of all, turn on the airplane mode on your smartphone and read that message, then you have to close WhatsApp, and then turn off the airplane mode from multitasking. With this, the person in front will not know that you have read his message.

4. You must have seen a star symbol on WhatsApp; many people do not know what it is. Know the importance of this star symbol, through this you can bookmark any message.

5. If you want to run two WhatsApp in your smartphone, then WhatsApp business is a new form of WhatsApp. You can use it

6. If you want to write bold, italic text in WhatsApp, then type the message by typing star. This will write your message in bold text.

7. If you want to keep a contact on the top on WhatsApp, then pin it so that the contact will remain on the top.

8. If you want to remove photos or videos from automatic download in WhatsApp, then you can adopt these tricks. First of all open WhatsApp, then touch on where there are three dots, then touch on setting, then touch on storage and data, then media auto download will be written on it, when using mobile data will be written, then touch all the options. Remove the tick mark and then touch the OK button. Your work is done, now there will be no automatic download on opening WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is not working

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