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National Bird Day 12 November 2022

A house is not a home without birds – National Bird Day 12 November 2022
National Bird Day was celebrated by Eco Club (Meena) on 12th November 2022 at Government Pre-Secondary School, Singhori.National Bird Day is celebrated every year on 12 November. In which a program for poster competition, essay writing, slogan etc. was organized for the school children.


Children enthusiastically participated in this program. In the drawing competition from class 8 to Jamuna, Durgeshwari, Dhaneshwari, Ganesh, Takeshwar, Geetanshu, and Manish Sharma had participated. Kajal, Shravan Ganga, Rupa, Purva and Kusumlata participated in the essay competition. Head of the institution Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma encouraged all the participating children.


In charge of Eco Club Devendra Kumar Sahu gave important information about birds to the children. He told me “Every single bird on the planet has a different vocalization. There are some birds that can swim in water.

There are some birds that people keep in captivity in their homes. Birds are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian lovers. Ostrich is a bird that cannot fly overhead but can run on the ground. “As the seasons changed, so did the habitats of the birds. The house of birds is on the trees and the species of birds have been destroyed due to the cutting of trees.


Different types of birds spread their wings and fly upwards. Birds have two legs, so they can walk on the earth, and two eyes, with the help of which they can see everything. There is a nose, with the help of which it swallows food. A wide range of birds are immediately heard when the sun rises in the first part of the day.

Some birds prefer plant life without question. Believing that wherever they see vegetation, they start making their safe home there. Every single bird on the planet can fly. However, some birds such as ostriches, kiwis and so forth cannot fly high. Nevertheless, these birds move very quickly on the ground and the falcon bird can fly exceptionally high.

Different types of pollution and innovations created by people are harming the birds. Earlier birds could fly freely in the open sky by spreading their wings, as if the whole sky was theirs, no one else could come there. They can fly to any place they need. However, much to their dismay, people won’t leave the open sky by the same token. People cause obstacles in the journey of birds. In fact, even many birds continuously lose their lives due to human practices.

According to the research of World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences:-

A field survey was conducted from January to June 2017 on the impact of mobile tower radiation at different sites of mobile towers located in the area in Bijapur district (Chhattisgarh). This survey identifies the species of birds present before and after the mobile tower. Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and cell towers affects birds, the environment. When birds are exposed to weak electromagnetic fields, they become disoriented and fly in all directions, reducing their natural navigational abilities.

A large number of birds like pigeons, sparrows, swans are disappearing due to the interference of “unseen enemies”, i.e. mobile towers. It has also been observed recently that animals used near mobile towers face various hazards and threats to life, including stillbirth, spontaneous abortion, birth deformities, behavioral problems and a general decline on overall health. is included. is included. Electromagnetic pollution is also a possible reason for the decline and decline in the populations of some amphibians.

Apart from birds and animals, the electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell towers can also affect the surrounding vegetables, crops and plants. The purpose of this study is to study the possible effects of electromagnetic radiations on birds and other living beings.
During this, all the children including And Staff Smt. Saraswati Sahu, Smt. Ageshwari sahu, Smt. Dr. Rajeshwari thakur,Prashant Baghel, Nuteshwar Chandrakar were present in the school.

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