National Girl Child Day 2023

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“National Girl Child Day” was celebrated at Government Pre-Secondary School, Singhori

‘National Girl Child Day’ is celebrated every year on 24 January across the country. This special day is celebrated with the aim of making girls aware of their rights and bringing equality towards girls in the society. Celebrating this special day was first started in the year 2008 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.


Organization head Meenakshi Sharma told the children that on January 24, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is remembered in the form of women power. On this day Indira Gandhi took charge as the Prime Minister for the first time.

That’s why this day is celebrated as National Girl Child Day. Further highlighting the purpose of Girl’s Day, Principal Pathak told the children that..

To spread awareness among people about all the inequalities faced by girls in the country.
To promote awareness about the rights of the girl child.

Awareness should be raised on the importance of girl child education, health and nutrition.
During this, the child care team from Sneh Sarvodaya Seva Sansthan, Bemetara also gave good information to the children in the school.

They told that for minor children below 0 to 18 years…Care and support is just a phone call away. Dial 1098 when…Some child is sick and lonely.. some child needs shelter..A child has been abandoned or lost, is being exploited…Some child is beating…

The child has not been given his wages after getting him to work.
A child is being molested on the way.

Child marriage is happening…..

Would you like to offer your services to Child Line?

ChildLine is a 24-hour free, emergency national phone service for children in need of care and protection. In partnership with state governments, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and the corporate sector, the Women and Child
It is a project of Ministry of Development. Samruddhi Sharma, Dalima Soni, Vibhuti Navik, Hina Sahu, Karishma Parveen from Child Line were present.

On the occasion of Girl’s Day in the school, people from the Legal Services Institute also presented their views that the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) was formed in India under the Legal Services Authority Act, 1987.

Its function is to implement the legal aid program and to evaluate and monitor it. Along with this, it is also its job to provide legal services under this act. Sonia Rajput and Prachi Tiwari from Legal Services Authority Department addressed the children while giving their participation.

School children including Saraswati Sahu, Dr. Rajeshwari Thakur, Ageshwari Sahu, Devendra Sahu, Nuteshwar Chandrakar, Prashant Baghel and Sajan Verma were present from the school along with organization head Meenakshi Sharma.

Children were given certificates by Sneh Sarvodaya Seva Sansthan.

What should we do for the education of girls?

  1. Increase access to education: Ensure that girls have equal access to quality education, regardless of their socio-economic background.
  2. Address cultural and societal barriers: Change negative cultural attitudes towards women’s education and provide support to girls who face resistance from their families.
  3. Provide safe learning environments: Ensure schools are physically and emotionally safe for girls, free from violence and discrimination.
  4. Foster female role models: Encourage girls to see successful women in leadership positions and provide female teachers and mentors as positive examples.
  5. Invest in teacher training: Train teachers to be gender-sensitive and able to address the unique needs and challenges faced by girls.
  6. Emphasize life skills and empowerment: Include education about reproductive health, financial literacy, and leadership skills to help girls make informed decisions and become self-sufficient.

Other Activities…….

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