Important day related to environment

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save birds life
save birds life

World Water Mamta Day 2 February
National Science Day 28 February
World Wild Life Day 03 March

World Forestry Day 21 March
world water day 22 March
World Meteorological Day 23 March

world health day 7 April
water resources day 10 April
world earth day 22 April

World Migratory Bird Day 8 May
International Day for Biological Diversity 22 May
Tobacco Free Day 31 May

world environment day June 5
world ocean day June8
world ground water day 10 June

world population day 11 July
desertification and drought
International Day for Prevention June 17

world nature conservation day 28 July
World Ozone Day 16 September
world wildlife day October1

world natural habitat day 3 October
Wildlife Week October 1 to 7
World Vegetarian Day 6 October

world control day 13 October
world food day 16 October
National Environment Awareness 19 October

National Bird Day 12 November
world toilet day November 19
world environment day November 28

National Pollution Prevention Day 2 December
National Energy Conservation Day 14 December
Van Mahotsav first week of July and February

International Day of Forests
World Migratory Bird Day
International Mother Earth Day
International Day for Biological Diversity

When there is a problem with biodiversity, there is a problem for humanity.

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Our Changing Climate

Climate change

All over the world, people consume wild animals. The sea level is slowly rising, and in the coming years, the rising water level could swallow many large cities. Drought, flooding, and storms all occur somewhere on the planet. Things are awful. Although climate change may not be directly affecting you right now, it could soon be affecting you as well. Millions of lives are at risk. The issue is getting so bad that people are questioning whether or not the earth exists. What is environmental change, which is being talked about all over the place, what is environmental change.

Effects of climate change on earth -:

Climate change, refers to an increase in the earth’s average temperature. You already know that the earth receives heat and light from the sun and that the sun’s rays fall on the earth. The green house effect refers to the fact that some of those rays are blocked from being reflected by the house gases in our atmosphere, preventing others from reaching space. The earth’s atmosphere can be described as a gas cover. Therefore, this indicates that the greenhouse gases are depicted as villains.

Effect of greenhouse gas on earth-:

Greenhouse gases are very important to us, but only if the amount in our environment is right. The issue of climate change began as soon as the earth’s temperature began to rise. Chlorofluorocarbons and carbon dioxide are examples of greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide, which remains in the environment for an extended period of time, is the most hazardous of these.

The use of fossil fuels is the primary cause of the CO2 that humans produce. Long ago, the ground’s gases, diesel, coal, and gasoline were used. The Industrial Revolution began in 1750, and since then, 30% more CO2 has been released into the atmosphere. This indicates that in the eight million years that the Earth has existed, the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere has never been higher. The indiscriminate cutting down of carbon-sequestering forests exacerbates the issue.

Impact of industrialization -:

The science association says that the temperature of the world has increased by 1 degree Celsius compared to before industrialization began. According to a lot of research, the Earth’s temperature may change by 1°C between 1850 and the end of this century, and if it changes by 2°C, we may reach the point of no return. Anyway, we’re looking. However, the calculation of profit and loss continues in all countries.

Change in society -:

Environmentalists contend that governments worldwide lack the seriousness and determination required to save the environment. As a result, both adults and children are now taking to the streets to demand drastic climate protection measures. The inquiry is what we and you are doing and what we can do. Using a bicycle instead of a car for many things, like walking, is an option. ought to travel by train rather than plane. It’s better to reuse things than to buy new ones.
Repair old things if they get damaged. You should also grow your own vegetables if at all possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Mainly what are the 5 reasons that cause climate change?

Answer – Following are the reasons for climate change

  1. generate electricity
  2. cutting down forests
  3. use traffic
  4. produce food
  5. global warming

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Question 2. How can we stop climate change?

Answer – Global warming cannot be stopped suddenly, but its rate can definitely be slowed down. Human emissions can reduce global warming to some extent by reducing heat-trapping and black carbon.

Question 3. How is the world being affected by climate change?

Answer – Climate change is causing many adverse effects such as storms, heat waves, melting of glaciers, extreme drought and animals are suffering due to ocean warming. Tsunamis are coming due to climate change. Due to this, human life and our environment are being affected a lot. Because of this the weather is changing, where it is not raining, it is raining heavily. Weather phenomena are changing.

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